goals check in 07152016

This is a follow up on my goals posted here.


Since my original, June 24th weigh in, I am:

  • I have gained 3.3 pounds
  • I have lost 2.68 pounds of body fat
  • I have gained 5.98 pounds of lean body mass

I am largely grinding my gears here, though this doesn’t seem to match what I am seeing in the mirror though, and since my lifts are moving, I am not panicking. I am at about 2000 calories every day and I don’t want to restrict much further, so I think I am going to add a quick HIIT session on off days and see if that helps.


My lifts are moving. I haven’t been back to the deadlift (my gym has hex plates, so I only deadlift when I lift in a different town). Here is where I am at with the big 4:

Lift Current Lift Goal Pounds Remaining
Back Squat 253.16 300 46.84
Deadlift 284.16 400 115.84
Bench Press 170.50 225 54.50
Military Press 129.16 185 55.84

Still, plenty of room to go. My progress so far looks like this:

lift progress7152016

Till next time.



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