goals check in 07212016

This is a follow up on my goals posted here.


Since my original, June 24th weigh in, I am:

  • I have gained 4.4 pounds
  • I have lost 3.11 pounds of body fat
  • I have gained 7.51 pounds of lean body mass

Despite grinding my gears on my last weigh in, this one looks like I am back up. I had a few good workouts and have been pretty diligent with my diet, so this is nice to see. Gaining 7.51 pounds of lean body mass in about a month seems like pretty solid gains. Moving forward, I will be adding waist measurements to gauge body fat percentage because I am not convinced that my scale is accurate or reliable.


My lifts are still moving. Despite having taken the deadlift off for awhile, I hit it well this week but didn’t go back to bench. Here is where I am at with the big 4:

Lift Current Lift Goal Pounds Remaining
Back Squat 273.82 300 26.18
Deadlift 325.49 400 74.51
Bench Press 170.50 225 54.50
Military Press 139.50 185 45.50

Still, plenty of room to go. My progress so far looks like this:




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