goals check in 08012016

This is a follow up on my goals posted here.


Since my original, June 24th weigh in, I am:

  • I have gained 5.30 pounds
  • I have lost 2.99pounds of body fat
  • I have gained 8.29 pounds of lean body mass

Additionally, I am starting to measure my waist. I am measuring around my belly button and taking an average weekly measurement to help with accuracy. The baseline measurement is 39.5 inches.

The trip to New Orleans wasn’t terribly disruptive. I was able to add some LBM since returning the middle of the week. I did add some fat (about 6 pounds) but was able to get that off since as well.


My lifts are still moving, too:

Lift Current Lift Goal Pounds Remaining
Back Squat 280.47 300 19.53
Deadlift 325.49 400 74.51
Bench Press 170.50 225 54.50
Military Press 149.83 185 35.17

Still, plenty of room to go. My progress so far looks like this:

lift progress8116

Here are some main points, overall:

  • My lifts are moving in a way that I am happy with, particularly with my back squat and overhead press.
  • I have been delinquent on my flat bench and my deadlift. I am going to hit the deadlift on the next day that I plan to do front squats and I want to hit the bench tomorrow
  • I am generally keeping my diet in check, which is helping me gain LBM. Despite the trip to New Orleans (fried fish overload!), since coming back I haven’t really missed a beat. Some slight planned cheating, but generally sticking to 2,000 calories, high protein, moderate to high fat, and low carbs

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