goals checkin 08142016

This is a follow up on my goals posted here.


Since my original, June 24th weigh in, I am:

  • I have gained 8.6 pounds
  • I have lost .27 pounds of bodyfat
  • I have gained 8.87 pounds of lean body mass
  • My waist size has remained at 39.5 (around my belly button)

I am still gaining lean body mass pretty regularly without really forcing any food down. I don’t think it makes sense to really diet down because I want to focus on strength and building muscle for now and then worry about cutting later when I will have some muscle mass to help with leaning. I am not really gaining fat as indicated by my bodyfat fluctuations and that my waist is staying the same.


My lifts took a small backslide when I switched my program to one with higher reps, but I think long term it makes sense.

Lift Current Lift Goal Pounds Remaining
Back Squat 284.16 300 15.84
Deadlift 325.49 400 74.51
Bench Press 180.83 225 44.17
Military Press 155.00 185 30.01


Here are some main points, overall:

  • 531 takes a step back at first before taking steps forward, so I’m not concerned with a drop on a few lifts (especially since I am leaving 1 or 2 reps in the tank on my work sets)
  • I am enjoying the added volume and fact that I can focus on hitting one lift per day and then supplementing with added work
  • As far as diet goes, I have been adding carbs back and reducing fat a bit, but keeping carbs at or below 100g per day and keeping them around workouts

Till next time.


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