531 Excel Log

If you’re reading this blog, then you know that I have been going through my first cycle of 531. While there are already some spreadsheets out there for this, I wanted to make my own. My spreadsheet has a few things that work better for me:

  • In the interest of progressing as fast as I can (I am still in the beginner stages of my lifting career), I wanted to use the Juggernaut method for bumping weight up. As such, the spreadsheet will take an average of how much I beat my target in a cycle and I can move up as I can. e.g. If on the deadlift, my goals are 200, 210, and 220 but I hit 215, 225, and 235, I beat my goal by an average of 15 pounds and so I can move up 15 pounds on my next cycle
  • The spreadsheets out there only calculate your current cycle. I want to include features to include a log, so I can see how I am doing cumulatively

You can find this spreadsheet here.

Now, you can’t use this spreadsheet to substitute for the actual program. I would read the book so you know what Wendler’s deal is. You can find his books here.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of the spreadsheet.

Cycle 1 Tab

This tab calculates loading for each of the Big 4 during the cycle. To start, enter your lifts in the table at the top:

531 spreadsheet 1

“Starting Lift” is where you should put your actual lift. The “Training Lift” will calculate based on that by taking 90% of it. The “# to Increase for Next Cycle” fills in when you complete the 5/3/1 week.

This will calculate out your loadings for the entire cycle and these fill in the tables below. For example:

531 spreadsheet 2.png

You’ll notice two sections to each table. “Planned” is the lifts as calculated by the spreadsheet. “Actual” is what you have actually accomplished. The “Planned 1RM” calculates the 1RM planned for the workout and the “Actual 1RM” takes the estimated 1RM from your actual lift. For example, here, 5 reps at 214 pounds is an estimated 249.86#. Because I actually lifted 215 pounds for 8 reps, my estimated 1RM from what I did is 272.28, which is a difference of 22.41 pounds.

Log Tab

If you’d like to keep a running log of your lifts, you can do so in this tab. This will feed into Pivot tables in the next tab. Enter a new row for each lift you perform, like so:

531 spreadsheet 3

This will calculate your estimated 1RM for each lift you perform as well as how much volume you did. This is helpful to stay on top of progression for your assistance lifts.

Data Validation Tab

This tab simply stores your list of lifts that feed into the Log table.If you want to add a lift, just add it here by inserting it into the spreadsheet.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I’m happy to help. Happy lifting.


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