goals check in 08242016


Since my original, June 24th weigh in, I am:

  • I have gained 3 pounds
  • I have lost 7.8 pounds of bodyfat
  • I have gained 10.8 pounds of lean body mass

I am still gaining lean body mass pretty regularly without really forcing any food down. I am still trying to avoid dieting down for now and focus on my strength gains for another 531 cycle. After that, I will diet down to get a bit leaner. Right now, I am eating about 2,200 calories with the occasional cheat meal (like out to dinner, at the ballpark, etc), so there’s room to add activity or reduce calories.


My lifts are currently here:

Lift Current Lift Goal Pounds Remaining
Back Squat 284.16 300 15.84
Deadlift 326.15 400 73.85
Bench Press 180.83 225 44.17
Military Press 155.00 185 30.01

After a dip at the start of the 531 cycle, my lifts have all rebounded to where they were. More weight will go on the bar for the next cycle.


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