goals check in 09022016

This is a follow up on my goals posted here.


Since my original weigh in on June 24th, here’s where I am at:

  • I have gained 5.5 pounds
  • I have lost 8.41 pounds of body fat
  • I have gained 13.91 pounds of lean body mass

Still gaining lean body mass without forcing anything down. I am essentially following the Renaissance Diet with paleo friendly foods. I’ll post on this in more detail another time. Generally, I am still riding newbie gains on lean body mass while avoiding adding any meaningful amount of fat. Not bad!

After completing my current cycle, I plan to cut to lean out a bit.


Lifts are starting to move after switching to 531. It is still a little too early to report on that, given that 531 moves a little slow and I was used to hitting heavy singles on each of my lifts.


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