wod 09032016

Military Press (5/3/1)

  • 8×45#
  • 5×55#
  • 5×70#
  • 3×85#
  • 5×100#
  • 3×115#
  • 4×130#

Seated Military Press

  • 8×45#
  • 6×65#
  • 8×85#x4

Machine Lateral Raise

  • 10×50#
  • 8×70#x4

Hammer Curl

  • 8×25#
  • 10×40#x4

Straight Barbell Preacher Curl

  • 10×25#
  • 8×45#
  • 6×65#


Not great but tolerable. On the Military, I accidentally did 5 reps on the first working set instead of 3. I hit 4 reps on the AMRAP set, but maybe I could have gotten another one if I went for it. As it was, rep 4 was a grind. Seated Military moved nicely. Lateral Raises did too. Hammer curls felt rough on my forearms moreso than my biceps. The straight preacher curls are a new movement (I’ve been using an EZ Curl bar). I am thinking of getting rid of one of the bicep movements and adding more shoulder work.


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