goals check in 09262016

It’s time to check back in on my goals, make some adjustments, add some new ones, etc.


Greg Nuckols, who runs the amazing site Strength Theory, has two articles on maximum muscular potential. You can find part one here and part two here. They are an excellent read. Most importantly, they are backed up by research.

While I have always been opposed to setting limits on myself in terms of physical performance, the values these calculators set for me are really ambitious.

Additionally, the articles are helpful for the drug free athlete. Nothing against folks who use steroids, but as a natural lifter, it can be hard to know what is possible when you can’t necessarily tell who is using an who isn’t.

I ran my measurements through the calculators. My “max muscle” according to this is 176.41# of lean body mass, which puts me at 200.47# walking around at 12% body fat.

It also gives me some goals in terms of lifts, using objective standards (or as objective as possible). Using my max muscle calculation to determine my own goals for strength, these are:

strength standards.jpg

Because Nuckols is calculcating his standards from powerlifting results, the Overhead Press is missing. As such, I used the calculation from Rippetoe’s Practical Programming for Strength Training to derive an expectation from Nuckols’ bench press standards.

New Goals

Because I like objective, scientifically based things, I am going to use the above as targets to work towards. Rather than calculating my strength as how it stacks up against my current muscular development, I am going to calculate it based off an idea of what my potential is. That way, the path forward is pretty clear cut; gain muscle mass to improve my strength.

Thus, here are some goals for me to work on.

  • Hit the “needs some work” lift for each of the big four:
    • 362 squat
    • 243 bench
    • 388 deadlift
    • 155 press
  • The long term goal is 200 pounds at 12% bodyfat. In the short term:
    • Continue gaining LBM while losing fat as my “newbie gains” continue
    • Assess when that stops working, but in all likelihood, I will need to cut
    • At this point, I’m just over 200 pounds but at ~33% body fat, so the fat will need to come off
  • I would also like to compete as something fun to do. Once I hit the “needs some work” lifts, I’ll look at competing in a powerlifting meet and a novice strongman meet competition

Moving forward, the metrics I will report in my goals check in posts are:

  • Distance from the “needs some work” lift for each of the big four until I hit each target
  • Distance from the LBM target of 176.41#. When I start focusing on bodyfat, I’ll worry about distance from my target bodyfat percentage



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