a collection of mobility links

If you are like me, mobility is a tough thing. So, again, if you’re like me, you spend some time looking online at resources on mobility. You type “yoga for powerlifters” or some such nonsense only to find things like this:


Which, quite frankly, you can’t do. If you could do this, you probably wouldn’t have mobility issues to begin with.

You also find lots of movements that require you to hook a band up to a squat rack or getting into crazy positions on a foam roller. If you don’t have either of those things, this is annoying. I would much rather do things with just my bodyweight, start out easy, and progress to move difficult movements.

After spending some time finding things that are easy for me to do and are really helping, I thought I would put them all here so I can refer back to them (or so you can make use of them).

Yoga for Big Bastards. Link.

This is a helpful T-Nation article that has some yoga stretches that have been helping my lower back and my squat mobility.

Mobility for the Big Three. Link.

From Juggernaut Training Systems, this has some simple movements to help improve mobility on the big three. The squat movements are especially helpful.

Yoga for Powerlifting. Link.

This website hasn’t been updated in 3 years or so, so I assume it has gone defunct. In case the article goes missing, the yoga poses it recommends are:

  • Lizard
  • Pigeon
  • Cat
  • Cow
  • Cobra
  • Upward facing dog/Downward facing dog
  • Garland
  • Warrior I, II, and III
  • Half Moon

Mobility 101 from All Things Gym. Link

There are a lot of articles here, though many fall into the “you need to have bands, lacrosse balls, and foam rollers” trap.

How to Squat with TERRIBLE mobility. 

Alan Thrall’s videos are all really good:

As I find new resources that are helpful, I’ll update this post. If you have any suggestions, please comment below.


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