close grip bench wod 10212016

Close Grip Bench Press (5/3/1)

  • 8×45#x2
  • 5×65#
  • 5×75#
  • 3×90#
  • 5×105#
  • 5×120#
  • 9×135#
  • 12×105#

Bench Press

  • 8×95#x4

Dip Machine

  • 10×90#x4

Peck Deck Flye

  • 10×50#
  • 8×85#
  • 8×100#x4

Triceps Extension Machine

  • 8×65#x3

Unilateral Cable Curls

  • 8×15#
  • 8×20#
  • 6×25#
  • 8×20#x2


Solid workout. Got a decent lift on the close grip bench, then did the regular bench for reps. I think the fact that my body isn’t used to the volume yet showed on the flat bench for reps; I got a great pump from these but didn’t move much weight.

The dip machine felt easy, so I will take a 10# jump next week. The pec deck didn’t feel so great, so I will maintain that weight/rep scheme next week. The tricep extension machine took a little bit of effort to get in the right position, but then it felt pretty good on my elbows, so I think this is my new triceps movement that’s here to stay. The unilateral cable curls are basically these. These took some effort to feel right and I didn’t quite get the movement right, so I will tinker with these again next week.

One thing to note about this workout is that my upper body didn’t feel fresh for this workout at all. Next week, I am going to bite the bullet and re-arrange the week so it makes more sense:

  • Monday – Bench
  • Tuesday – Deadlift
  • Wednesday – Overhead
  • Thursday – Squat
  • Friday – Close Grip Bench

Yes, unfortunately that means I will be benching on univeral bench day. Hopefully its not an issue.



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