close grip bench wod 11112016

Close Grip Bench (5/3/1)

  • 10×45#
  • 5×80#
  • 3×90#
  • 5×105#
  • 5×120#
  • 11×140#
  • 1×150#
  • 1×160#
  • 5×105#
  • 5×105#
  • 10×105#

DB Bench Press

  • 10×25#
  • 12×50#x4

Pec Deck Flyes

  • 5×55#
  • 5×85#
  • 8×115#x4

Triceps Extension Machine

  • 5×50#
  • 8×85#x4

Unilateral Cable Curl

  • 8×10#
  • 8×15#
  • 8×20#



Another pretty good workout. The CGBP was a PR and the singles felt great. The DB Benches felt a little heavier at the end than I thought they would be, but I think I can bump the weight next week and go for 8 reps. Pec deck flyes were rough, so next week I will shoot for 10 reps if I can but its fine if I settle for 10. The triceps extension machine felt a little rough on my elbows, but the strength was there. I will keep the weight the same and see if it bothers my elbows next week before I decide what to do there. I did the unilateral cable curls that I abandoned for a few weeks there and felt a great pump in my biceps, so I just need to get the hang of doing these correctly. Overall, pretty happy with my performance this week.


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