You may have noticed that I didn’t log my deadlift workout as planned yesterday. Well, the neck/shoulder pain I noted in my last bench workout felt much worse yesterday. Given that, I thought it better to rest it and do some shoulder mobility and recovery work in lieu of a workout.

This has made me think on how my workout schedule is structured. While I think the close grip bench press is really helping my pressing, I think the extra day is hard to keep up with in terms of my schedule (making it to the gym 5 days per week) and, more importantly, is starting to hurt my joints.

While I am a huge fan of training frequency, its just not practical at this time. When my wife and I buy a house and I can invest in a home gym, I’ll definitely switch to a high frequency program, but for now I am going to back off to 4 days per week. Because I feel like the close grip bench is working so well, I am going to include it on one of my pressing days.

I also feel like I need to balance my pressing and pulling a little better, so I am going to try to include pulling movements on each of my upper body days.

I’m going to adjust to the following schedule:

  • Monday. Bench
  • Tuesday. Deadlift
  • Thursday. Military Press
  • Saturday. Squat

This gives me a little more flexibility, so if something comes up, it doesn’t fuck up a week’s worth of training.


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