military press & squat wod 11192016

Military Press (5/3/1)

  • 10×45#
  • 5×65#
  • 5×80#
  • 3×95#
  • 3×110#
  • 3×125#
  • 5×140#

Back Squat (5/3/1)

  • 8×45#
  • 5×85#
  • 5×110#
  • 5×140#
  • 3×165#
  • 3#x195#
  • 3×220#
  • 7×245#


My shoulder still isn’t feeling great and I am generally feeling worn down. I think I should have taken that deload instead of pushing into this cycle after all. I am going to look into Beyond 5/3/1 and see what Wendler recommends, but I might deload next week and cut this cycle short.

For the lifts, the press felt like a grinder all the way through. It took some extra time to get my shoulder warmed up but it felt okay during the lifts. I wanted to finish my big lifts for the week so I did some squats. They felt pretty decent, but given that I feel worn down I didnt want to push them.


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