goals checkin

Despite a rough finish to cycle 5, I wanted to check in on my goals. The 3×3 week of this cycle was really good, despite the issues at the end. Here’s how much progress I’ve had so far:

Lift Cycle 1 Cycle 5 Difference
Back Squat 283.61 302.11 18.50
Bench Press 179.97 208.96 28.99
Deadlift 326.77 370.41 43.64
Military Press 145.81 163.31 17.50

The squat is moving slowly but surely, as is the military press. The bench and the deadlift are really moving nicely. In my head, I have a 4 plate deadlift and a 2 plate bench press as milestones that I’d like to reach by the end of the year so I am glad that I am mostly on target there.

I have also been tracking how I compare to various milestones in terms of strength standards, that you can read about here. The milestones I am referring to are (in pounds):

Milestone Squat Bench Deadlift Press
Novice 301.908 202.769 323.328 128.758
Needs-some-work 362.289 243.323 387.994 154.510
Not-to-Shabby 422.671 283.876 452.660 180.262
Solid 483.052 324.430 517.325 206.013
Formidable 543.434 364.984 581.989 231.765
Outstanding 603.815 405.538 646.657 257.516
Ridiculous 664.197 446.092 711.322 283.268

Now, these are my lifts at my maximum muscular potential, which I am not really close to just yet. My current lifts are categorized as follows:

  • Squat. Needs some work. 60.17 pounds from next milestone
  • Bench Press. Needs some work. 34.36 pounds from next milestone
  • Deadlift. Needs some work. 17.54 pounds from next milestone
  • Military Press. Not-too-shabby. 16.95 pounds from next milestone

Lean Body Mass

Given the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ll wait to check in on this until the end of the next cycle since I fell off the wagon pretty hard 🙂

Upcoming Work

This week, I am going through a deload/reload week. At the end of cycle 5, I started experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in pretty much all my joints, so I needed to back off a bit. I think volume was just too high. To adjust for this, I am going to reduce my number of workouts to 4.

I am also going to focus on hypertrophy for a few phases. Basically, I am going to use the hypertrophy blocks from the Juggernaut Method before jumping back in to 5/3/1. Two months of hypertrophy work will hopefully set me up for bigger lifts when I jump back into strength work.

The first cycle will be a 10 rep wave. The second will be an 8 rep wave. To get an idea of loading, here’s how my squat will look:




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