deadlift wod 12072016


  • 5×135#x2
  • 5×155#
  • 3×175#
  • 10×195#x4
  • 18×195#

Front Squat

  • 5×45#
  • 5×65#
  • 5×90#
  • 5×105#
  • 5×120#x3

Leg Extension

  • 10×50#
  • 10×90#
  • 10×110#x3

Preacher Machine

  • 5×30#
  • 5×50#
  • 8×70#x3


High rep deadlifts are no fun, even if they are light. 18 reps of deadlift is just nuts. My muscles definitely could have handled more reps, but my grip and blood pressure didn’t want to oblige. The deadlifts made me sick to my stomach for the rest of the workout. The front squats felt good and so did the leg extensions, but by the time I was at the preacher station, I felt like I was going to pass out in a puddle of vomit and so called it there without doing abs. I will bust out the ab wheel tomorrow morning to get that work done.



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