This is just a quick note to explain how I notate my workouts. Below, I will copy a recent post and explain how to read it. My notes explaining it can be found in orange

Back Squat This is the name of the exercise. If it is one you aren’t familiar with, check out

Estimated 1RM: 232.49# Here, I take the highest estimated 1RM on the lift below. For example, the highest estimated 1RM comes from the 8 singles at 225#. The formula for estimated 1RM comes from 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler and it is ((Weight * Reps * 33%)+ Weight). Don’t forget your order of operations. So, (1x225x.33)+225=232.49#. It is inexact, but it is a helpful tool if you are varying rep ranges often.

5×45#x2 The first number is the number of reps, the second number with the pound symbol (or hashtag) is the weight, and the third number is how many sets. Here, I did 5 reps of 45# twice.

3×135# And here, I didn’t do a second set, so I just left it as is.







Bench Press

Estimated 1RM: 159.49#








Trap Bar Deadlift

Estimated 1RM: 232.49#




 Wrist Curls





Hanging Leg Raises

8xBWx6 BW = Bodyweight

Notes: In the notes area, I will write about any subjective factors that I feel I may want to reflect on later. Common things will be motivations for the day, reasons I chose to do something, if I am having any aches or pains, etc.

Really went all out on volume today. Going to the game later, meaning today’s going to have a cheat window in terms of diet, so wanted to maximize my chance for good growth from that. Squats were stronger than my last go. Bench was weaker than I thought it would be, but essentially I was testing there as well. I found a trap bar at the gym and went there, despite planning shrugs today because the trap bar deadlift is my favorite lift to do.

To add some additional volume, I did a bit of assistance work. I am a huge fan of wrist curls. Long ago, I followed a fitness board and one of the members (a competition strongman) was a huge fan of high rep wrist curls for grip strength and I love them too. Basically, the goal is it hit 50 reps in a single set before bumping the weight up. It gives your tendons a good workout and a big pump in the forearm.